Sausage Fattener

Dadalife – Sausage Fattener

This is one of my favourite distortion units and its amazingly cheap (get it here It’s great for creating super gnarly crunched up distortions, but one of my favourite things to do with this plug-in is to use it on the master bus, or even in mastering itself.

If you have a mix that is overall a little bit dull, stick this little bad boy over the stereo mix leaving the Colour at 0 – then bring the Fatness up to between 1-4%. This will had some extra harmonic content giving your track life without noticeably changing the tone of your mix.

Something to be aware of – the gain indicator is actually for the INPUT Signal level into the plug-in. If it’s going red, it means you are digitally distorting the plug-in’s input, which is (generally) a bad idea, so back it off till it’s not clipping.

Jack Prest is an Inhouse Producer/Engineer at Studios 301.