Sensory Concerts® campaign in its final week

Ever wanted to attend a concert but afraid to, in fear of the shushing, judging looks by others, or it’s just simply too overwhelming? Sensory Concerts® understands.

Sensory Concerts® provides high-quality classical concerts for families with sensory or special needs, providing social occasions for families who really need it. They are crowdfunding for their first CD project. Recorded in Studio 1, the CD will contain selected pieces from their 2018/19 concerts. The scheduled date is 1 December, to be available by January 2020. The CD will also be used for promotional purposes to reach far and wider communities.

The campaign is now in its final week, and the clock is ticking…Thanks to amazing support from communities, they are so close to hitting the final target, but still need your support in getting there in time! 

Please support their campaign in making quality music accessible for all!