Steve Smart x Masalec MEA-2

With a continuing commitment to quality, we are excited to announce the recent installation of a Prism Sound MEA-2 Precision Mastering Equalizer into Steve Smart’s Mastering Room.

The MEA – 2 is a four band stereo Mastering EQ with shelves on each band, offering a rich golden silky sound.
The Equalizer can easily be switched into M/S or Stereo configuration with the push of a button.

Steve’s other collection of Mastering EQs are (Abbey Road, EMI) TG 12412 and the API 5500, as well as the Amtec (Pultec) Tube Programme Equalizer PEQ-1A (Mastering Pair).

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“It’s a really nice Equalizer to use and compliments the well established (& legendary) Sontec Mastering Equalizer”

Steve Smart