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Studios 301 August Mixtape

A selection of songs worked on by the Studios 301 team.

  • I Said Hi – Amy Shark (Mastered by Leon Zervos)
  • Frame By Frame – Wallace (Engineered & Mixed by Simon Cohen, Mastered by Andrew Edgson)
  • Unspecified Place – Future Love Hangover (Written, Produced & Mixed by Jack Prest)
  • Fuckn ‘n’ Rollin – Phantastic Ferniture (Mastered by Andrew Edgson)
  • Clumsy Love – Thelma Plum – (Vocal production by Simon Cohen)
  • Never Ever (ft. Sarah) – The Rubens (Mastered by Leon Zervos)
  • Slow Mover – Angie McMahon (Mastered by Steve Smart)
  • Come Undone {Ft. Wren} – Laurel Laxxes (Mastered by Ben Feggans)
  • Think About You – Delta Goodrem (Mastered by Leon Zervos)
  • Two By Two (Ft. Royce Drixhen) – Omijah (Mixed by Tom Garnett, Mastered by Andrew Edgson)
  • Are You Ready To Go – Morning Harvey (Mastered by Steve Smart)
  • Feel the way I do – Jungle Giants (Mastered by Leon Zervos)
  • Bubblegum – Confidence Man (Mastered by Leon Zervos)
  • Cherry Blossom – Horrorshow (Vocal Produced by Simon Cohen)
  • Made of Breath Only – sleepmakeswaves (Mastered by Leon Zervos)
  • If I knew – Riley Pearce (Mastered by Andrew Edgson)
  • Twin – Voiid (Mastered by Andrew Edgson)

  • Wish You Were Here – Charlie Collins (Mastered by Steve Smart)
  • Changing – Future Jr  (Mastered by Leon Zervos)
  • Show Love – Jupiter Project (Mixed by Simon Cohen, Mastered by Leon Zervos)
  • Sweet Days – Lakyn (Mastered by Leon Zervos)
  • Save.Sold – PLANET (Mastered by Steve Smart)
  • Pop Roll Flow – CLYPSO (Mastered by Ben Feggans)
  • Where The City Meets The Sea – The Belafontes (Mastered by Harvey O’Sullivan)
  • Awomen, amen – Genesis Owusu (Vocal produced by Simon Cohen)
  • Tessellating (Ft. Oliver Dibley) – MUTO (Mastered by Ben Feggans)
  • Busy Bleeding (Ft. Kelly Jansch) – The Gooch Palms (Mastered by Andrew Edgson)
  • Good – Moaning Lisa (Mastered by Steve Smart)
  • Ocean Alley – Confidence (Mastered by Steve Smart)
  • Tremble – Nicole Millar (Mastered by Leon Zervos)
  • Golden – Ribongia (Additional Mix by Jack Garzonio)
  • Shameless – Lucy Neville (Mastered by Leon Zervos)
  • Era Kin– Posterne Out – (Mixed by Jack Prest)
  • Scene of the Crime – Gaspar Sanz (Mixed by Tom Garnett, Mastered by Andrew Edgson)