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Tips on archiving your music files

A request we frequently receive at the studios is: “Do you have a copy of my files? My laptop/hard drive died and I don’t have them anymore”

October 28th 2020   

Harvey O'Sullivan, Mastering, News

Target Loudness for Streaming Services

written by Harvey O’Sullivan – There has been a great deal of discussion about target loudness for streaming services recently, particularly in relation to Spotify. This can be problematic for the mastering process, so let’s break it down…

May 7th 2020   

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May – Recording Studios & Mastering Highlights

Studio & Recording Dean Lewis spent 2 days in Studio 1 and Studio 2 recording songs and music videos for an upcoming single release with Universal Music. Steve Barry’s jazz trio recorded a live album in Studio 1 with Owen Butcher engineering. RØDE Microphones ran a session in Studio 1 with Jack Prest for one […]

June 12th 2019   

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Studios 301 August Mixtape

A selection of songs worked on by the Studios 301 team. I Said Hi – Amy Shark (Mastered by Leon Zervos) Frame By Frame – Wallace (Engineered & Mixed by Simon Cohen, Mastered by Andrew Edgson) Unspecified Place – Future Love Hangover (Written, Produced & Mixed by Jack Prest) Fuckn ‘n’ Rollin – Phantastic Ferniture (Mastered by Andrew Edgson) Clumsy Love – Thelma Plum – […]

August 10th 2018   

Harvey O'Sullivan, Technical Insights

My top 5 free VST Plugins

By Harvey O’Sullivan Plugins have come a long way, so much so that many people are now working purely ‘in-the-box’. While some of the big name developers are selling plugins for hundreds if not thousands of dollars, there are a tonne of great indie developers releasing plugs for free. The following is by no means […]

August 16th 2016