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ISRCs explained

Lynley, our Mastering Coordinator explains the what, why and hows on everything ISRC. If you would like to obtain ISRCs, or book mastering, contact Lynley on or 02 9698 5888 What is an ISRC? ISRC stands for International Standard Recording Code, and is a unique 12 digit string of numbers that identifies a recording […]

April 24th 2014   

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Leon Zervos discusses mp3s and “Mastered for iTunes”.

It has been nearly two years since Apple launched “Mastered For iTunes” and almost as long since Studios 301 started mastering for the format. Over this time, Leon Zervos has mastered more releases for iTunes than most other mastering engineers combined, and as a result has a few thoughts about hi quality audio, good and […]

January 22nd 2014   

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A day in the life of: the Mastering Assistant

Hi, my name is Harvey O’Sullivan and I’m the Mastering Assistant here at Studios 301. The nature of 301 is very dynamic and being an assistant requires a “Jack-of-all-trades” attitude. My responsibilities cover the daily maintenance of our 3 dedicated Mastering rooms, as well as preparing production masters. A typical day for me could be […]

June 6th 2013   

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What is Mastering?

We have learnt that You, our audience, comprises of a very broad range of musicians and music lovers, from seasoned professionals, to those just beginning to exercise their passions and wanting to learn more about it all. This post aims to clear up some mysteries about the purpose of Audio Mastering for those less familiar […]

January 21st 2013