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Mansionair – Working on new music & recording at 301

At Studios 301 we’re no stranger to having our production suites occupied by some of Australia’s best artists, producers and songwriters. One of our most recent tenants were the incredibly talented guys from Mansionair. Forming in January 2014, the band have gained quite a following in a short time. Their first single, ‘Hold Me Down’ […]

April 20th 2016   

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Bass on a Budget

I recently wrote this piece for our friends at Liveschool, but realised its relevant to our audience too. A wonderful thing about music production these days, is that you can do it without the need for a big studio. But if you’re interested in making bass heavy music, then there’s nothing more important than getting […]

May 27th 2014   

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Steinway vs Yamaha Piano Recordings

Recently we acquired a 1966 Steinway Model B grand piano for Studio 1 in Sydney, which lives beside our Yamaha C7 piano. To understand the strengths of each instrument, we gave three of our engineers, Simon Todkill, Jono Baker and Simon Cohen, the challenge of recording these pianos in the purest (is that the best?) way possible. […]

March 6th 2014   

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Roland AIRA TR-8 samples (free download!)

Together with our friends at Ableton Liveschool, we recently got hold of the yet-to-be-released Roland AIRA TR-8. Not only did we sample a selection of its awesome 808 and 909-style sounds, we then we ran it through our recently serviced and incredibly rare Fairchild 670 Valve compressor… Ooops! The samples went up a bit too […]

February 26th 2014   

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Jack Prest’s Tips & Tricks – Vocal Reverb

One of the most important aspects of mixing a vocal and getting it to sit in your mix is the amount and type of reverb you apply to it. Reverb is critical to create depth and space around your vocal. A favourite technique of mine for a lead vocal (especially in pop music or hip […]

August 28th 2013   

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SSL vs Neve

As I tour people through our recording facilities in Sydney, I usually refer to our Neve 88R and SSL 9000k consoles as the “Ferrari and Lamborghini of mixing consoles”…. They are both the best cars that money can buy, but it’s up to the driver as to which one they prefer to drive. Occasionally that remark satisfies my visitor […]

May 8th 2013