Steinway vs Yamaha

Steinway vs Yamaha Piano Recordings

Recently we acquired a 1966 Steinway Model B grand piano for Studio 1 in Sydney, which lives beside our Yamaha C7 piano.

To understand the strengths of each instrument, we gave three of our engineers, Simon Todkill, Jono Baker and Simon Cohen, the challenge of recording these pianos in the purest (is that the best?) way possible.

The final recordings are below…

Both pianos were recorded at 24/96 with a stereo pair of AKG c414b-uls and Coles 4038 microphones. They were hooked up to SSL Alpha pre-amps running into an Apogee Rosetta 200 convertor. Some recordings (as per their names) also have room mics, which were AKG c414xl2 microphones recorded through our Neve 88R console pre-amps. No compression, eq or other processing has been applied.

You can download these recordings to hear them in their full glory!

To book a recording session with these pianos, Please contact Kimberly on or 02 9698 5888