Roland AIRA TR-8 samples (free download!)

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January 22, 2014
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March 6, 2014

Roland AIRA TR-8 samples (free download!)


Together with our friends at Ableton Liveschool, we recently got hold of the yet-to-be-released Roland AIRA TR-8. Not only did we sample a selection of its awesome 808 and 909-style sounds, we then we ran it through our recently serviced and incredibly rare Fairchild 670 Valve compressor…

Ooops! The samples went up a bit too soon. Join our mailing list to be notified of future sample pack releases:

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  1. Gotta get more K-Pop out in the world!

  2. Hey thanks heaps 301 – these are wonderful samples…

  3. Jamea Godoy says:

    Awesome! Cant wait to play with these Exclusive sounds!

  4. Awesome! Thank You, Cant wait to play with these Exclusive sounds!

  5. Darius says:

    Lubbley jubbley! cheers guys 😀

  6. Go Anthony ! nice work matey … hope ur great !

  7. Rosie says:

    Appreciate it, thanks guys!!

  8. Porchbass says:

    What a good idea ! I live in the UK so may not be passing the studio soon, sorry. Thank you for the samples and best of luck to Studio 301

  9. Gasquk says:

    This is the message when trying to download the TR-8 Drum Rack: “You’ve landed at the right page, however we’ve been asked by Roland to remove the AIRA TR-8 samples.” Anyhow, If there is someone that downloaded the stuff, please share a new link. Thank you

  10. dj kratz says:

    want check them out and the compressor

  11. David says:

    Can we still get them somewhere?

    • Anthony says:

      Hi David,
      We hope to put the samples back online around the release of the TR-8 unit. Join our mailing list to receive an update when this happens!

  12. rene says:

    which is right about now? 🙂

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