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120 Publishing – Is It A Banger?

Studios 301 in conjunction with 120 Publishing recently rolled out a competition, ‘Is It A Banger?’, specifically targeting electronic music makers and writers. As part of the prize you win a chance to record at Studios 301, partake in a collaboration session with electronic hitmaker Chris Arnott, and receive an exclusive introduction to Ministry of […]

January 19th 2016   

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Australian Music Week Recap

Studios 301 had a strong presence at the inaugural Australian Music Week music conference, held in Cronulla from November 18th– 22nd, with key team members featured as panellists among some of the most influential people in the Australian music industry. In particular, the “Do You Need A Producer” panel was moderated by Studios 301 and […]

December 14th 2015   

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Ben Feggans on Loudness – Part 2

Loudness Part 2 In the second part of this blog on loudness I’m going to delve more into metering and dynamic range in order to compare your music to other releases. Level Matching I often receive feedback from people that their track doesn’t sound like it has the same low end impact and presence as […]

August 12th 2014   

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Mixing with your Mastering Engineer with Steve Smart

Mixing with your Mastering Engineer By Steve Smart To book Steve for your mastering project, contact Lynley on 02 9698 5888 or In most mastering situations, stereo mixes are used for the final mastering session. But sometimes I go a little further than that…  And the producer or mixer brings in their computer, with […]

July 8th 2014   

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Jack Prest on Analogue Vs Digital – Part 2

  Analogue Vs Digital Part 2 – Synths and Drum Machines Read Part 1 Here For part two of the Analogue versus digital shootout we will be comparing (arguably) the worlds most famous drum machine, the Roland TR-808 with its software equivalent inside Ableton, and the monstrous Korg MS-20 with its software MS-20 from the Korg Legacy collection. […]

July 3rd 2014   

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Ben Feggans on Loudness – Part 1

  Loudness Part 1 One of the most common questions people ask a mastering engineer is “why is my track not as loud as everyone else’s?” In this article I’m going to explain in simple terms how humans perceive loudness and how it can be measured accurately.  Since the early Motown days of pressing vinyl, […]

July 1st 2014   

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Leon Zervos: Why I use VU meters.

To book Leon for a mastering session, contact Lynley via or 02 9698 5888. Help me make your mixes tighter. If you can make your mixes sound tighter when you are mixing, then I can take it the next level when mastering. If you listen to the old vinyl “sound” that everyone loves, one of the reasons it […]

June 16th 2014   

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Bass on a Budget

I recently wrote this piece for our friends at Liveschool, but realised its relevant to our audience too. A wonderful thing about music production these days, is that you can do it without the need for a big studio. But if you’re interested in making bass heavy music, then there’s nothing more important than getting […]

May 27th 2014   

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Producer Insight: Nick Launay – PT. 1

Producer Insights – with Nick Launay – PART 1 We have just completed a very special interview with none other than producer extraordinaire, Nick Launay. Nick is a veteran of the tape medium, and having had a long standing relationship with both 301 and Steve Smart, he was very kind to offer us his time to share […]

March 18th 2014   

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Leon Zervos discusses mp3s and “Mastered for iTunes”.

It has been nearly two years since Apple launched “Mastered For iTunes” and almost as long since Studios 301 started mastering for the format. Over this time, Leon Zervos has mastered more releases for iTunes than most other mastering engineers combined, and as a result has a few thoughts about hi quality audio, good and […]

January 22nd 2014