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SSL vs Neve

As I tour people through our recording facilities in Sydney, I usually refer to our Neve 88R and SSL 9000k consoles as the “Ferrari and Lamborghini of mixing consoles”…. They are both the best cars that money can buy, but it’s up to the driver as to which one they prefer to drive. Occasionally that remark satisfies my visitor […]

May 8th 2013   

Staff, Technical Insights

Jack Prest’s Tips & Tricks – Waves L1 Limiter

Now this one isn’t exactly my tip, I get this one from watching Pensado’s Place, but it’s great so I wanted to share. Basically it’s a way to get that uber brick wall L1 limiting, without getting all the distortion that this plug-in can create. Insert an instance of the L1 on your channel and bring […]

May 1st 2013   

Staff, Technical Insights

Dadalife – Sausage Fattener

This is one of my favourite distortion units and its amazingly cheap (get it here http://www.dadalife.com/sausage-fattener-plugin/). It’s great for creating super gnarly crunched up distortions, but one of my favourite things to do with this plug-in is to use it on the master bus, or even in mastering itself. If you have a mix that is […]

April 17th 2013   

Staff, Technical Insights

Jack Prest’s Tips & Tricks – Waves C1 Compressor plug-in

The Waves C1 Compressor. Here’s a little trick I found the other day with one of my favourite swiss army knife compressors, the Waves C1. It’s especially good for snare drums and toms. If you find your drums are a little bit too snappy, especially with a really hard stick sound, this setting can work […]

March 13th 2013   

Staff, Technical Insights

The Studio Philosopher

I am the Studio Philosopher and I have been enlisted by Studios 301 to share some of my thoughts and knowledge about all aspects of studio life. Much of what we do in the studio is technical, but these technical aspects are influenced and informed by less tangible qualities. Over the coming months I will […]

March 6th 2013   


301 Interns… Where Are They Now?

You’ve seen them around at Studios 301 — they’ve helped load in your session, grabbed your late night coffees, tracked down that special piece of gear – they’ve even flipped your burgers at some of our courtyard BBQ’s. Our interns are a special blend of talent and ambition, so it comes as no surprise to […]

August 8th 2012